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JoGo Invest invests in the modal shift from road to water, as described in the Green Deal, Europe’s new sustainable growth strategy. Through various projects, JoGo Logistics achieves an annual modal shift of more than 15,000 truck movements, or a CO2 reduction of 9,000 tonnes. Join the investment in our successful sustainable transport projects!

Sustainable transport

Join the investment in the modal shift!

The goal of the Green Deal is to make Europe climate-neutral by 2050, and the introduction of sustainable transport is part of this goal. JoGo Logistics is part of this European success story and provides your sustainable customised transport. Take a look at a selection of our green projects:

  • Modal shift: replace road transport with inland waterway shipping;
  • Energy transition in inland waterway shipping;
  • Digital technology in inland waterway shipping: autonomous sailing, document flow digitisation, digital integration in the supply chain, etc.

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JoGo ships

Realising the much-needed modal shift together with JoGo Invest

JoGo Invest deploys 4 ships to achieve the modal shift. Jogo 1 and Jogo 2 are pallet barges for the transport of palletised goods, Jogo 3 and Jogo 4 are general cargo ships for the transport of indivisible loads and bulk (e.g. for recycling industry).  These represent an annual modal shift of more than 15,000 truck movements, or a CO2 emission reduction of 9,000 tonnes.

Sustainable transport projects

How can you invest?

Contribute to a cleaner planet and cash in on your social return. How?

  1. Barge Crowd: an alternative form of financing (crowdlending) to gather start-up funding or growth finance from a group of individual investors.
    Return: 3% - 4%.  A fixed amount of monthly interest and capital repayment.
  2. Barge Bond: bond with half-yearly or annual capital repayment
    Return: 6% per annum on the outstanding amount.
  3. Barge Token: investment in a crypto share or currency.  Blockchain investment in a crypto fund for construction, financing, purchase and sale, and operation of inland waterway vessels, in exchange for barge ownership certificates.
    Return: approximately 7% + crypto currency appreciation.

The investment is 100% covered by a mortgage registration of the barge in the Dutch Ship Register.

Invest successfully

An overview of JoGo investment projects

These are JoGo Invest’s active investment projects:

  • 2022: completed.
  • 2023: 3rd pallet barge and 3rd general cargo ship: investment of approximately 800K.  Capital raising will start from 1 June 2022 and run until 31 August 2022.  After this period, the ships will be purchased, adapted for modal shift, and put into service.
  • 2024: delivery of 2 newbuild pallet barges and 2 newbuild general cargo ships. An investment of approximately 5 million EUR.  The timeline and presentation of this project are expected in summer 2022.

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“ The modal shift from road to water is much-needed to achieve a sustainable transport transition. With the JoGo Invest projects, we intend to take 15,000 truck movements off the road.”

(Peter Joos, JoGo Logistics)

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